air purifiers and purification
AirClean Technologies (ACT) is Australia's foremost supplier of world leading air purifiers and air filtration for commercial and industrial environments. The philosophy of ACT is to offer our clients the very best available in air purifiers from around the world, utilising air filtration technologies ahead of their time. Better, smarter and more cost effective air filtration technologies which are always one step ahead. Our mission centers on tailoring air purifier solutions to our customer's specific needs.

Commercial Air Purifiers


Our diverse air purifier product range incorporates both portable and central air purification systems, utilising activated carbon and special media types for gas, chemical, odour removal and certified High Efficiency Particulate Filters (HEPA) for capturing ultra fine particulates, allergens, bacteria, mould and viruses. So whether you are looking to clean the air of hazardous contaminants in your workplace, school, hospital, laboratory, factory, home..... you can be assured AAP will have an air purifier solution that is right for you.


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